Une soiree parisienne show Paul canes tristan juggling Ivan bike act Eva and Arend duo straps Duo straps Eva and Paul CIrkulem 2017 Lukas Cyrwheel Theater show Zoetermeer Colins chair balancing Trio with Flora Gattina Burlesque act Can Can show Geisha's show Crazyland Burlesque foto shoot Pole Dance Fire Spitting">
Fire Shows

We offer duo and solo shows or shows with multiple artists. Include Eva and Chantalle with many different acts, Marcello Bravo with his Hellboy fire show and Flexmen grinder act, Jeffrey fire spitting, grinder act, fire eating and fire staff, Tristan with his spectacular fire show with poi and juggling, Gabriel and Orel with their fire flair and Shannon with grinding and fire. We also offer fire entertainment indoor or outdoors. You can view all the photos in the gallery above. For more information or material, please contact us. We also make customized shows.



  1. Grinding Chicks ( Eva, Chantalle, Shannon)
  2. Kinky fire army (Eva and Chantalle)
  3. Vampire fire love (Eva and Chantalle)
  4. Catwoman fire show (Eva and Chantalle)
  5. Burlesque fire show (Eva, Chantalle)
  6. Oriental fire show (Eva, Chantalle)
  7. Rock stars fire en grinder show (Eva and Chantalle)
  8. Hellboy fire show (Marcello Bravo)
  9. Flexmen grinder act (Marcello Bravo)
  10. Juggling fire show (Tristan)
  11. Fire eating ,fire spitting and staff (Jeffrey)
  12. Fire flair show (Gabriel,Orel)